Saturday, 7 December 2013

Oh shit, I LIVE in Japan!

The title says it. I now live in Japan. It's still hard to believe but it feels more than real, I can tell you.

How this finally happened and why I'm writing this in English now instead of German, will be explained in the upcoming posts of my new, old blog.

For now, dear reader, let me update you with the hard facts first. I am currently a Japanese language student with an official foreign student visa (留学生ビザ). I live in Ryogoku, Sumida, Tokyo (東京都、墨田、両国) and study Japanese at Tokyo Riverside School in Asakusa, Tokyo.

I arrived in Tokyo on September 26th, so I'm here for almost 4 months. About time I start blogging again, right?

A lot of things happened since my arrival. Good and bad things alike, way too much to be written about in detail. But I will try my best to give you a summary of the important milestones and experiences so far. For now, just let me say that almost a year of planning, saving, selling, hoping, leaving and more planning lead to what I can happily call my life in Japan now.

This blog wouldn't be authentic if I wouldn't write about the emotional implications and obstacles related to my endeavours, so stay tuned for more ;-)

For now, here's a picture of me, maybe not looking super happy, but this is me now and I'm in Japan, so I think it fits pretty well. I look content, right?

Me at Otori Jinja during Tori-no-Ichi. Fun fact: the smiling lady is one of my teachers

I will try to post every other week and when there are important things to blog about of course. To give an outlook on the nexts posts, here are some titles I have in my mind:
  • The master plan
  • The things you leave behind
  • The arrival
  • The first crazy month
  • Settling in
  • I'm too lazy for all this
  • Set-backs and daily routines
  • Uhm, do I have a girlfriend now?
  • Christmas trials
  • ...and more

Oh and I even changed to blog title a bit. If you ever wondered why I chose this strange title in the first place, it's just a language thing. In German the expression "Scheisse, ich bin in Japan!" is like a sudden realization of something awesome in some sort of slang maybe. It sounds a bit stupid and too strong when translated to English. But I'll stick to it, there's no going back now.

Enjoy reading and stay tuned!